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idleencoder JavaScript version

About idleencoder

GUI front-end for ffmpeg. ffmpeg is opensource video converter. idleencoder convert video file to mp4 or aac etc.
You can also use ffmpeg command. Use command.
This is JavaScript Version by videoconverter.js.
It is possible to convert to a lossless occasionally. If you only change container, you may use cut video. It is lossless.

Still, there is some problem.
* Can't convert big file.
* Not support thread


Edge 25 , FireFox 45 , Chrome 50
Vivaldi 1.1 , Opera 36

2-3GB Memory

How to use

Choose the format of the destination at left side of this page. Select the option of ffmpeg. Click "256MB" or "512MB" or "1GB" or "1.5GB".
This memory size is for ffmpeg command.
If your OS is 32bit, click "256MB" or "512MB".
If your broser is Vivaldi or Opera, maybe click "256MB" or "512MB".
Wait until status is Drag & Drop.

If you need,you can add options. and Drag & Drop video file

If process is successful, download button is appeared.

format checker

Use ffprobe command.ffprobe

command line

You can use any option of ffmpeg. command line

ffmpeg version

ffmpeg version 3.0.1 + x264 + mp3lame
ffmpeg version 3.0.1 + libvpx + libvorbis + libogg

Source code