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ToraTora Android

ToraTora for Android

AES 256bit CBC File Encrypt. This ToraTora is android version.

Chrome App version : PNaCL ToraTora
JavaScript version : JSToraTora
            FreeBSD/Linux(not support PNaCL)
Windows version : ToraTora

Key generation by PBKDF2.
Android version uses Java Crypto API for AES encryption.
So, Your android must support Java Crypto API.
Android 2.3.3 support Java Crypto API with AES and PBKDF2.

If your android have AES hardware and implemented to Java Crypto API, encryption speed is very fast and battery consumption is reduced.
(later Android4.4, maybe.)


Android 2.3.3

Java Crypto API with AES and PBKDF2.

Original ToraTora

Original ToraTora is here. You can download English version. But document is all japanese.

Original ToraTora can encrypt by smartcard. And you can encrypt by smartcard without smartcard. Because you can use USB flash drives as smartcard. This is enabled by myuToken.


Google Play

How to use

Please see here.

Limit file size

File size limitation is 2GB.


Even if damaged by the use of ToraTora for Android, it does not take any responsibility.